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John Lonsbury

I am a marketing consultant with 40 years of experience who can help you develop a stronger brand, gain market share, and ultimately drive more revenue. My passion is helping businesses with annual gross revenue between $5M and $15M realize growth through strategic thinking and creative implementation. My clients hire me to help them figure out who they should target and how to better communicate their unique selling proposition so more people buy more from them.

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Having a Strategy is not the same as having a Plan; and having a Plan doesn’t mean it's necessarily Strategic.

A strategy, especially a marketing strategy, is executing activities differently (or executing different activities) than your competition in order to develop and maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.
Your Marketing Plan is a detailed blueprint of how the marketing strategy is going to be applied through a series of decisions and activities.
I have the experience and time-proven marketing disciplines to guide you in the development of a successful marketing strategy and an effective marketing plan. Together, we’ll explore your core competencies, customer segments, competitive advantages, brand positioning, and value proposition. We’ll write an integrated, omni-channel marketing plan that includes specific activities, responsibilities, timing, and associated costs.
And once written, I can help you cost-effectively execute your plan.

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Great content sells.

Before prospects buy your product or service, they must first believe your brand promise. Compelling content that engages consumers and delivers bottom-line results requires more than a clever headline or award-winning design. Your content must be believed and trusted at a gut level. As an Emmy-nominated creative director, I will break through the promotional clutter with a creative approach that causes an emotional response, whether it’s a tingle down the spine, a laugh at just the right moment, or an urge to fill out a form. And I will move your prospects to action by communicating the benefits and features in a way that is meaningful to them… wherever they are in their purchasing journey.

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Get ready to have your buttons pushed.

Using industry-leading software to manage and automate routine and repetitive marketing tasks, I’ll help move your potential customers through their purchasing journey. I will show you what, when, and how to generate more leads, convert more leads to sales, and optimize your marketing spend. I can develop the content for each stage in your funnel and recommend which techniques to use to move prospects to the next stage. Together, we can create a comprehensive series of campaigns to…
• Drive conversions
• Cross-sell/upsell products, increasing your average order value
• Improve your customer experience
• Recover lost revenue from people who fall out of your funnel
• Personalize marketing content

Best of all, marketing automation from Lonsbury Consulting is affordable.
• Consulting and software value packages are available
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
• No long-term contracts, month-to-month billing


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