Is it time to automate your practice development?

Many attorneys struggle to find time for practice development because they’re too busy managing existing client relationships and keeping up with their billable hours goal. So, they to work on building their practice only when they have the time. And why not? You can’t put practice development ahead of billable hours, right? 

The problem is that the perpetual cycle of “too busy/not enough work” is created by this approach to practice development. And the only way to break this cycle is to systematically work on generating new business every week. 

Law firms and attorneys around the country have discovered ways to automate at least some of their practice development through the use of software to automate routine and repetitive marketing tasks. Marketing automation software enables you to develop deeper relationships with existing clients, attract and nurture prospective clients, and cultivate referral sources – without spending loads of time each week. 

If you would like to learn more, I’d like to send you an introductory guide to marketing automation. This 20-page “playbook” explains how you can automate routine practice development tasks. Click here to Get the Free Guide.

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