Looking to grow your pest control business?

You’ll need a strong brand, an integrated approach, and an experienced partner.

Lonsbury Consulting takes a total approach to marketing your pest control business. We start with strategies to build your brand, out think your competition, and target your best customers. Then we execute the marketing plan with creative messaging that breaks through the advertising noise and a combination of traditional and online marketing techniques that generate greater awareness and more sales opportunities.

No Hype — Real Results:

For the past seven years we have been working with Adam’s Pest Control.  In 2010, Adam’s ranked 92nd on PCT magazine’s Top 100 list with $5.4 million in reported revenue. In 2016, Adam’s ranked 68th largest with reported revenues of $9.7million – a 180% increase! While we would never claim that our efforts alone were the reason for Adam’s success, we do believe we continue to contribute to Adam’s 46 years of continuous growth.

todd-w-truckFor seven years, Lonsbury Consulting has helped Adam’s define its brand through both strategic and creative processes. John has facilitated our strategic planning sessions and developed our positioning strategy. He created our graphic standards manual, a new graphic scheme for our vehicles and marketing materials, has written and produced sales and training videos, brochures, and created our Emmynominated ads. He continues to manage our media buys, online content, PPC, and SEO. John is great to work with and I appreciate having someone with his skills and experience on our team.

     ~ Todd Leyse, President Adam’s Pest Control

The Secret to Our Success: Integrated Pest Marketing

Similar to how Integrated Pest Management combines several different techniques to prevent and solve pest problems, Lonsbury Consulting’s Integrated Pest Marketing combines traditional and online marketing techniques to attract, engage, and convert new customers.


Every customer goes through a series of steps in making a purchase: awareness – consideration – conversion – loyalty – advocacy. (It makes sense that prospects must first be aware of your company before they can consider using your services.)


When you consider that your customers are up to 90% through their purchase process before they make direct contact with you, you begin to appreciate the importance of having a marketing partner that can help you use the right combination of tools and messaging to provide appropriate communication at each step.

We are experts at engaging your customers at each stage in their purchasing process and delivering your marketing message across multiple screens and devices.

There are a lot of boutique firms that offer to manage your social media, online advertising, or SEO. And undoubtedly you have many sales people calling on you to advertise on their station, or in their magazine, church bulletin, athletic program, newspaper, postcards, circulars, online directories, referral sites… The problem is each of these vendors only looks at part of your marketing; and as the old saying goes… if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.

Lonsbury Consulting will prepare and execute a custom marketing plan that addresses all of your marketing needs with a comprehensive, fully integrated approach. And because our fees are for consulting and not based on whether or not you buy one particular ad or service over another, you know you are getting our best, un-biased advice and recommendations.

Why choose Lonsbury Consulting?

  • Demonstrated results in the pest control industry
  • Custom program – tailored to your goals, market, and budget
  • Exclusive relationship – we will not work with your competitors
  • 35+ years marketing expertise
  • Single source accountability

Marketing Services we offer PCOs:

  • Planning
  • Branding
  • Customer Acquisition – Residential and Commercial
  • Customer Loyalty and Re-engagement (Cancels)
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys (NPS)
  • Bed Bug Marketing
  • Sales Training for Technicians
  • New Market Expansion
  • Advertising and Brochures
  • Print and Broadcast Media Buying and Placement
  • Website Content Management and Design
  • Pay Per Click Management (PPC)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Mobile/Online/Programmatic Advertising
  • Email Campaign Management
  • Trade Show Booth Design and Promotion

Let Lonsbury Consulting manage your marketing, so you can manage your pest control business.