How to get awesome backlinks

Links continue to be a significant ranking factor for Google. Content with both high shares and links can improve your search ranking and drive traffic. So what’s the secret to getting awesome backlinks?

Publish linkable content.

Well, duh. But, most web pages – mine included – focus on explaining who we are and why customers should choose our wonderful products and services; and no one is going to link to a product page. You need content that people want. While this isn’t a revelation for many, let it be a reminder to review your website and make sure you are publishing quality content that creates domain authority.

BuzzSumo published an excellent article a couple of years ago about the types of content that attract the most links and shares.

Here’s a quick summary:
• Authoritative content that answers popular questions, such as ‘what is ..?’ or ‘how to…’
• Strong opinion posts and political posts (within reason)
• Content that provides original research and insights
• Content that leverages a trending topic but that also provides practical insights
• Authoritative news content on new products or developments

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