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Deliver the Right Content at just the Right Time to Move Customers to Conversion.

Lonsbury Consulting helps you understand your customers’ buying journey and develop marketing content that moves your customers through each stage to conversion – delivering just the right message at just the right time. And we provide the marketing automation software you need to easily monitor, manage, and report progress.

You can manage your customers’ journey end-to-end, from the first interaction through conversion to loyalty and advocacy. Our suite of tools empowers you to drive more leads, convert more leads to sales, improve customer experience, and optimize your return on investment. Moreover, we help you better manage your Mar-Tech stack while saving time.

Drive more leads

  • Develop content to attract and engage customers
  • Increase the scale and scope of your marketing campaigns
  • Systematically capture customer information, create lists, and manage personas
  • Create automatic email marketing campaigns based on the behavior of your leads

Convert more leads to sales

  • Create a comprehensive series of campaigns to increase revenue at every stage of the buying cycle
  • Capture every customer interaction to predict and shape what your customers do next and encourage them to spend more
  • Use automated product recommendations to cross-sell and upsell products and services across your emails and website resulting in more conversions and increased average order value
  • Recover lost revenue by re-engaging customers who leak out of your funnel
  • Send basket abandonment campaigns to encourage customers to complete their purchases

Improve customer experience

  • Build better, more personalized marketing experiences
  • Personalize website pages with information pertinent to your customers
  • Automatically send tailored, behavior-triggered email campaigns to create a highly personalized customer experience
  • Implement retention and loyalty strategies, increasing customer lifetime value
  • Automate requests for reviews and QA feedback, send exclusive offers to high spending segments, and trigger re-engagement campaigns based on behavior and time

Optimize your return on investment

  • Track leads acquired through both online and offline channels
  • Create detailed reports to show which campaigns are most effective, enabling you to pinpoint areas where results can be improved
  • Test alternate content and campaigns (A/B testing) to determine best practices for your product or service

Save time

  • Free your marketing team from repetitive marketing “busy work” so they can focus on strategic problem-solving and developing effective content
  • Do more with less: marketing automation makes your marketing team more productive — what once took days, can now takes hours; and what once took hours, can now takes minutes
  • Manage your Mar-Tech stack from one easy-to-use dashboard

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