3 Techniques to Improve Your Retargeting Results

Chances are you’ve already experienced retargeting. You’re looking at a particular product or service and suddenly you start seeing ads for the very same product or service popping up all over the Internet. That’s retargeting; also called remarketing or behavioral retargeting.

Retargeting is simply targeting prospective customers who have either visited your website (site retargeting), searched for your products or services (search retargeting), or viewed content that is relevant to what you offer (Contextual targeting).

Even if you’re not currently engaged in retargeting, your competitors probably are. Seven in 10 businesses are already using retargeting to re-engage interested customers. According to MarketingLand, 71% of marketers spend between 10% and 50% of their digital budgets on retargeting.

So here are 3 effective techniques when using retargeting:

  1. Create specific ads to align with your retargeting. You should be retargeting on a specific product or service — say brown loafers– so make the associated ad for brown loafers and not a general store/brand ad or an ad for too broad a category. (Men’s shoes – probably okay. Men’s clothes – not so good.)
  2. Return to a new landing page. Make the page specific to the product/service (align with your search and contextual keywords). Create a unique landing page for returning visitors (site retargeting) — do not just link back to your home page. The site retargeting prospects already saw the original web page and didn’t convert, so try something new. Test new offers – after all, customers returning a second time are highly qualified buyers; so you may want to increase the offer.
  3. Limit the duration. Know how long your customers are in the consideration/conversion stages of their buying journey for the particular product and limit how long you display the retargeting campaign accordingly. For example, we know that decision times for customers of our pest control client vary from just hours for a stinging or biting pest to a few days for a nuisance pest; so we vary the time prospects see the individual retargeting campaigns from 1 day to no more than 5 days. Your product will vary.

Remember to approach retargeting as a highly targeted campaign to very qualified prospects and you should experience better results.

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